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DML Transcription Services charges by the length of the audio rather than by the page or how long the job takes to complete so there are no surprises. You are billed by the length of the audio you submit so you know in advance what your final bill will be. 

For example, an audio file with one person speaking for 10 minutes times $1.25 per minute is $12.50 for the project, regardless of how long the project takes us to complete. 

​Following is a list of prices for various types of transcription:

One Speaker  (One person dictating in quiet surroundings)

Two Speakers: (Standard one-on-one interview and/or conversation)   $1.75/minute 

Three Speakers: (Three person interview) $2.00/minute

Four Speakers:  (Four person interview. This rate also 
applies to persons with thick accents or to any audio 
with poor sound quality) $2.25/minute